op-ed: “sandra bland isn’t going away” (via friends of justice)

August 19, 2015

“Sandra Bland isn’t going away”, says writer Alan Bean. In a new piece for Friends of Justice, Bean explores the activist’s death (found dead in a Texas jail after being threatened, assaulted, and arrested by Texas Trooper Brian Encinia during a traffic stop) and why her name will continue to dominate the media, politics, and every day conversations: “Over a month has passed since Sandra Bland died in a Waller County jail, the story shows no sign of disappearing. The incident sparked national outrage when video of Bland’s arrest showed state trooper Brian Encinia intentionally escalating the drama with a justifiably angry Ms. Bland, threatening to “light you up” with his taser, then, once she steps out of her vehicle, throwing her to the ground with so much force that she temporarily lost her hearing. Bland was then charged with assaulting an officer and hauled off to jail. But none of this would have attracted much attention if Sandra Bland hadn’t turned up dead three days later.” CLICK HERE to check it out.

By Alexander Aplerku, AFROPUNK Contributor