new music: vintage trouble’s latest ‘1 hopeful rd’ is an infectious ode to classic soul and r&b #soundcheck

August 17, 2015

Unified by a love of 60’s R&B and early rock & roll, Vintage Trouble are more than a nostalgia act. Their songs may have a retro sound, but the passion and energy behind their music is as now as ever. The band’s electrifying set at the 2013 AFROPUNK Festival found frontman Ty Taylor Jumping into the crowd in his immaculate 3 piece suite; a preacher in the church of rock & roll. Vintage Trouble’s latest, the stylish and soulful 1 Hopeful Rd. is like unearthing a rare lost classic LP.

By Nathan Leigh, AFROPUNK Contributor



Starting from the uptempo jump of “Run Like the River,” the band channels the joy and dynamism of their live set into one of Ty Taylor’s best hooks of his careers. On “From My Arms,” the band mixes more indie rock into their sound, reducing their retro revival to a stylistic nod. Or maybe it’s just telling how much vintage soul has found its way into indie rock lately. Either way, who can complain? Despite it’s name, 1 Hopeful Rd. leans harder on tearjerkers than their debut The Bomb Shelter Sessions. “Shows What You Know” is a heartbroken classic reminiscent of early Motown, timeless and timely.


“Another Man’s Word” devastates with a painful organ line, before the band launches into the infectious “Strike Your Light,” a song that draws a straight line between Little Richard and The Damned, before circling back to James Brown. It’s these moments of pure propulsion that have earned Vintage Trouble their reputation as one of the best live acts on the planet right now.


You can catch Vintage Trouble live at the AFROPUNK Fest on August 23rd. Tickets are available here: