jojo abot – lom vava

August 6, 2015

Watch the latest visual from Jojo Abot, for her soulful new release – ‘Lom Vava’ (“Love Me Truly” in the Ghanaian language Ewe).

Regarding the single (the latest release from her new EP, ‘FYFYA WOTO’), the Ghanaian jazz musician states: “This song for me was birthed out of a need to express that overwhelming feeling of being at a fork in the road. A place and time where you find yourself desiring something that directly contradicts what society dictates but having the boldness to be responsible for that decision. A confession of ones true convictions. An apology for disappointing ones parents. A declaration of stubbornness. A feeling of helplessness rooted in strength. A confession of love. A commitment to love. A woman executing her right to live her own life against the grain and against the norm.”

Video credit: Jojo Abot and Jonas Rendbo