feature: roomswap – a young black entrepreneur helps university students find affordable housing with mobile housing community

August 12, 2015

Check out Roomswap – a new start up, founded by black University of Oklahoma student Carey J. Flack, which allows university students to find housing in their college town (run by a team, made up entirely of women under the age of 23). The housing assignment service can now be accessed via a mobile app and assists students, free of charge, to secure affordable student-occupied spaces or to sublet (meaning everyone saves money!). Flack states: “We’re giving students autonomy to fix their housing problems in a market that exploits our needs. On our platform students that need out of the lease, such as graduates and study abroad students can post their space and help reduce the rent so that it competes with the complexes market price. Then a student that needs housing can find affordable spaces in their college town.” Find out more info in the video below and CLICK HERE to support this great startup (via Kickstarter).

By Alexander Aplerku, AFROPUNK Contributor


Carey J. Flack