driving while black (official trailer)

August 5, 2015

Check out the trailer for new dark comedy film ‘Driving While Black’.

The indie satire – the creation of writer and actor Dominique Purdy and British director Paul Sapiano – explores racial profiling and police terrorism in America; centered on Dimitri, a young black pizza delivery man who is trying to make it to a job interview in Los Angeles.

Dominique Purdy (who plays Dimitri and based the story off his own run-ins with the police), states: “When me and my friends talk about police harassment it’s like we’re so used to it that it’s funny, so that’s where the dark humor comes in”. He adds, “It’s a serious thing but there’s funny stuff that happens with dealing with that — [it becomes] kind of an inside joke. It’s almost like we’re letting you in on the psychology of the joke that all types of people have been laughing at without really knowing what it is.” The film is available to purchase HERE.