afropunk premiere: junior astronomers’ new single ‘6 weeks in india’ is raw post-punk at its finest #soundcheck

August 5, 2015

Junior Astronomers’ set at the 2014 AFROPUNK Fest was a highlight of the weekend, a blast of post-punk and indie and raw energy, running through cuts from their masterful “Dead Nostalgia” LP. On their latest single, singer Terrence Richard’s scratchy yowl scrapes its way above the bands’ twists and turns. His strength is the ways his voice can simultaneously be powerful and vulnerable; confessional lyrics pouring out bluntly in a way that evokes that magic mid-80’s era of punk rock before emo was a dirty word, or even a word at all. On “6 Weeks In India,” the band offers up an overabundance of angular riffs and explosive choruses belying the pain of growing up. This is post-punk at its finest.

By Nathan Leigh, AFROPUNK Contributor


The single (coming out on the band’s own imprint) comes in anticipation of the bands’ forthcoming 7 inch “Thank You”, which is being released by SELF AWARE RECORDS.