video premiere: the new video from alt songstress sarah white – ‘create found’ (her atmospheric love song)

July 29, 2015

Today we’re premiering the new video from Minneapolis based songstress Sarah White – ‘Create Found’. The atmospheric new single, produced by Rico Simon Mendez, is described by its producer as a song about being surrounded by love but not being open to it. Sarah White tells us, “For me, ‘Create Found’ is the story of the pulsing heart. When I wrote the lyrics I was thirsty for an understanding around the complex ways that we navigate with love, lust, openness.. Feeling like I couldnt get one to truly SEE me, while literally looking me right in the face.. like we can truly become blinded by the day to day, the comfortable head space, the yearning for soul expansiveness within the space of our heads and hearts. I wrote this song as a wild cry for more and at the same time a deep love for the beautiful moments of true connection. Its about making love without opening your eyes. Its about missing something right in front of your line of sight. Its about the expansive foreverness that is unavoidable when you discover another that speaks the language of your heart. The heartbreak and the climax intertwined.” In regards to her latest visuals, White adds; “I loved the idea of all this white space with all of this contrasting brown skin. I love brown skin, it literally is everything to me right now. To have the opportunity to build with all of these beautiful and talented dancers in my community was such a blessing and inspiration. Brought a completely new life and meaning to the song. Im there surrounded by all this beauty but not even being open to it. I’m so in my own space while they move and explore around me.” Check it out below.

By Alexander Aplerku, AFROPUNK Contributor 





Video Credits

Directed by
Jovante m. Williams
Ella chissotti
Sarah white

Produced by
Ella chissotti

Zach pirolli

Lisa marie gherardini

Make up
Adora tokyo

Delaney photography

Albert conteh
Nick jordan meyerson
Herbert johnson iii
Alissa paris
Christlo charon charles gitten
Ashley akpaka

Dance/art director
Jovante m. Williams


Photo credits

Photography: Travis Chantar

Art Direction: John Mark

Stylist: Lisa Marie Gherardini