feature: ‘fashion rebels’ – young entrepreneurs making moves in pretoria, south africa

July 31, 2015

A fashion crew is bringing some edginess to Pretoria, South Africa, in the form of a “social market” described as a way to bring together “the people of Pretoria involved in growing the capital city in terms of ART // FASHION // FOOD & MUSIC.” Fashion Rebels are co-founders Maitele Wawe and Thifhelimbilu Mudau, and their colleague Sizophila Dlezi.
In an interview with South African web magazine 10and5, Maitele Wawe stated: “There has always been a gap between Johannesburg and Pretoria in terms of the creative industries and more than anything we always had to travel in order to be part of the creative sessions and gigs. So we decided that with our influence and creativity we can start a pilot project and see how it would be received, and since then we’ve had 8 successful markets already.”
Check out some of their best styles below!

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