feature: transforming from the inside out – yogaracheal, sportswoman turned yogi

June 22, 2015

Meet YogaRacheal, the California based yoga instructor inspiring many to embrace a more healthier and holistic lifestyle. Racheal – who describes herself as “lover, encourager, giver, believer” – has been practicing the ancient discipline for almost three years now. It was in 2012, after becoming discouraged with competitive sports and the lack of enjoyment it gave her, that the former gymnast and track athlete discovered yoga through social media. Now the Yogi is using her new perspective on life as inspiration to be a teacher and entrepreneur instead. In regards to her initial experience of learning yoga, she says: “I realized that I wasn’t just changing on the outside, but that I was transforming from the inside out. Not because I could now hold a handstand, but because I was beginning to learn who I am.” Check out the video and images below.

By Alexander Aplerku, AFROPUNK Contributor