feature: ‘eclecticweirdo’ weekly illustration by nadya nickels – top hat and tattoos

June 29, 2015

Artist Nadya Nickels creates weekly illustrations for AFROPUNK showcasing the ‘Eclectic Weirdos’. This week’s piece is titled, ‘Top Hat and Tattoos’. Nickels tells us: “It’s a girl with a really cool outfit. My storytelling part of this painting are the details in her tattoos; Taino sign for sun, black power poster and poem called ” Y tu abuela donde esta?” Which means and your grandmother where is she. I learned this when I was a little girl and it’s talking about our roots as Hispanics.  Also on her top hat there are illustrations of news titles I’ve seen lately: from: the fake NAACP woman, South Carolina, to what’s happening in the Dominican Republic.”



* Nadya Nickels’ website: