new music: death is back with their first new music in 40 years #soundcheck

April 22, 2015

The triumphant story of the rediscovery and resurgence of punk pioneers Death continues with the release of their fittingly titled new album “N.E.W”. Featuring the reformed line-up with Bobbie Duncan filling in for founding guitarist David Hackney who died in 2000.

By Nathan Leigh, AFROPUNK Contributor


“N.E.W.” is the first taste of new material since they disbanded in 1977. The band sounds a little more polished and settled than they did 40 years ago, but the years have done nothing to wear down the band’s raucous energy and jagged edges. The set includes material originally written with David Hackney during the bands’ original run, mixed with newer compositions. Singles “Relief,” “Look At Your Life,” and “Resurrection” shine, showcasing a band that wasn’t just proto-punk, but clearly proto-posi. The joy these 3 feel at finally having their music appreciated after so long is infectious, and carries into every corner of “N.E.W”.

Stream some of the songs below: