feature: the sound of soul trio remember the forgotten

April 6, 2015

Listen to the music of soul trio Remember The Forgotten. Hailing from Washington, DC, the group consists of Marcus ,Cortney and Eazy; and these three musicians are using music to give back. They state: “We stand for more than just music. We stand for those who society has forgotten or neglected (the homeless, working-class citizens, children, anyone with a dream etc.), all people in general. Our mission is to use our music as a form of outreach to help bring awareness to those forgotten or neglected in our society. We also seek to do outreach in the communities around us & in the world.  We use ourselves and our music to give and show reality, love and freedom of being yourself.  We want to live by changing lives and doing what we love for the world”. Get into their sound below!

By Alexander Aplerku, AFROPUNK Contributor