afropunk mixtape #005: midnight school

April 8, 2015

The new AFROPUNK mixtape is here! Featuring exclusive track premieres by Adia Victoria, Andy Allo, BLXPLTN and Youth Man + more music by Benjamin Booker, Death Grips & more.
“Milla Granson, also known as Lily Ann Granderson, was born into slavery in 1816. She learned to read and write at a young age, and committed her life to teaching others. Mississippi law prohibited black literacy, so Milla Granson established a Midnight School for slaves, teaching 12 students at a time by candlelight from 11 PM to 2 AM. Once a student successfully learned to read and write, they were graduated to make room for another. Over seven years, Milla Granson taught hundreds at tremendous risk to their lives in her Midnight School. She continued to teach from Emancipation until her death some time after 1880.”

01. Benjamin Booker – Wicked Waters
02. Interlude: Adia Victoria Interview (March 2015)
03. Young Fathers – Shame
04. Interlude: Andy Allo Interview (March 2015)
05. Andy Allo – Northern Lights (Exclusive Premiere)
06. Louder Than Quiet – Red Gemini
07. Demo Taped – Your Touch
08. Death Grips – I Break Mirrors With My Face In The United States
09. Interlude: Youth Man Interview (March 2015)
10. Youth Man – Auto Da Fe (Exclusive Premiere)
11. Backwordz – Elitist
12. Heems – Sometimes
13. Saloman Faye – Black Power
14. INTERLUDE – Kendrick Lamar / Tupac – Mortal Man
15. Adia Victoria – Howlin Shame (Exclusive Premiere)
16. Interlude: Adia Victoria Interview (March 2015)
17. BLXPLTN – Auf Wiedersehen (Exclusive Premiere)

Curated by Matthew Morgan and Nathan Leigh
Produced by Nathan Leigh