feature: seven davis jr brings electronic future soul with ‘wild hearts’

February 10, 2015

Alright Alright, so I am listening to Seven Davis Jr’s ‘Wild Hearts’ song whilst I am writing this review and it is hype. Hype! The opening section is like the beginning of a Charleston. You are hot stepping and toe tapping through this guy’s mind with a little dark techno punctuation.

By Zinzi Minott, AFROPUNK Contributor

Just when you have had you dose of aerobic jump about you get a little vocal break. Don’t be tardy though- oh no, because it is a comma as opposed to a full stop homie! He is back, with a little bit of Green Velvet style vocals (another reference). Cue those chucky sections of keys, just to give you some shimmying time, and you are back again.

Now I am not one for overinflating egos, but this kid just signed to Ninja Tune and forthcoming release of his ‘Wild Hearts’ 12″ on 9th February 2015 should be put in your diary fam! I am feeling this guy! I am filled with shivers as I think he may just given that UK’s creation; Dubstep a high five!

It is not often that I want to listen to a song everywhere. The only thing I am not sure of, is whether I have the lung capacity to maintain this type of excitement at both the gym and at home. And just as I think that, he seduces me with a little comedown style melody that has me floating in and amongst the baseline like I am in a warehouse almost a decade ago rather than sat a my laptop sipping peppermint tea…alas… those days may be over, but you do get a sense of Seven’s earlier days in California, where his earlier out put, was more closely aligned to the city’s vibrant left-leaning electronic underground. Amen!

I love repetitive nature of this song, it holds you down and holds you together and then like any good track breaks your heart as it winds to a stop, sounding a little like a flat line. It is amazing. Nice one hun, we will be seeing you in Europe soon. Well worth getting your booty together and seeing him at any of the places, listed below.

06/02 Abandon Silence, Liverpool, UK
13/02 Kong, Munich, Germany
20/02 Cosmic Ballroom, Newcastle, UK
21/02 Corsica Studios, London, UK

   Zinzi Minot is a dancer, choreographer, and writer. Follow her on Twitter: @rainbow_arts 

   Photo credit: Eric Coleman