afropunk premiere: young paris releases the visuals for new single, ‘the haus’

February 18, 2015

Today we’re premiering the video for Young Paris’ new single, ‘The HAUS’ (directed by Jeremy Rubier, Mateo Mounier, and Young Paris) – in the words of the New York based African electro musician, the project is an Afro-futuristic Statement about cultural appropriation”. Get into his energetic visuals, below!

By Alexander Aplerku, AFROPUNK Contributor

Photo cred: Cédric Sequerra

Photo cred: Oly Bernardi

“Growing up, I was silently ashamed of being African because the miseducation through school and the culture surrounding me being so contemporary it made me want to over shadow my traditional culture, but I also knew it was a huge part of me and my parents constantly reassured that to me and my 9 siblings.

Id like to publicly pay huge Homage to Afropunk as one of my biggest inspirations because they created a platform that made me feel like I had a place to connect with people that look like me and relate to things I believe are super important for the culture.
Id like to connect my followers with this movement and use a part of it to get more people on board. My goal through these images & videos & black excellence is for you to know Black is Beautiful and together we can learn our cultural identity properly and prosper with love of self as human beings. 
Thank you AfroPunk, I’m down for life!
Young Paris”