review: dimitry elias léger’s debut novel, “god loves haiti’

January 20, 2015

Dimitry Elias Léger’s debut ‘God Loves Haiti’ is a riveting, insightful and witty tale that takes place in Port-au-Prince Haiti during the catastrophic 2010 earthquake. Rather than simply painting a dull and dismal picture of the events as most accounts do, Léger uses an odd love triangle between a young woman named Natasha, her lover Alain, and her husband—the president of Haiti, to explore the implications that the earthquake had on the colorful and complex nation and its people.

By Damola Durosomo, AFROPUNK Contributor 

Natasha Roberts is a young and ambitious artist who by circumstance is married to the old and seemingly weak president of Haiti. She considers herself merely a support system for the president rather than a lover; her true lover is Alain Destiné, a young, handsome and intelligent fellow with a MBA from NYU. Despite Alain’s experience in America he maintains a strong and unwavering devotion to his homeland, where he wants to remain and establish his career as a businessman. Natasha does not share this sentiment; she is more than willing to abandon her country for Tuscany, Italy, where she believes her talents will be honed and appreciated. It seemed as though Natasha, Alain, and the President had it all worked out; none of them could have predicted the devastating event that was going to pass by and not only destroy their plans but also their beloved country.

The characters are left to deal with the immensely grievous effects of the earthquake. Natasha and Alain fear for one another’s lives and they battle with keeping their faith—why would God let such a terrible thing happen to Haiti?  Questions like these plague their minds as they search for answers, and for one another.

(Dimitry Elias Léger, photographed by Jason-Liu)

Léger’s use of imagery when describing the aftermath of the earthquake is remarkable and unparalleled; it offers a refreshing perspective in which to view the events and Haiti as a nation. ‘God Loves Haiti’ is a detailed and gripping account of the tragic events that occurred, infused with a story of romance, courage and change. Leger reminds us that despite the many hardships that Haiti has faced, there is still an element of charm and an enduring sense of pride that exists in the nation. This is something to reflect on at this time as we recognize the 5th anniversary of the earthquake’s occurrence. The earthquake may have caused physical destruction in Haiti, but it did not break the island’s ever-present spirit. God Loves Haiti indeed!

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