new music: stream 2 tracks from alt blues act adia victoria #soundcheck

January 27, 2015

Nashville based Adia Victoria makes music that evokes the dirt roads, back porches, and 3 am whiskey bottles of rural Tennessee. Dirty guitars, sludgy bass, swamp stomp drums, and Aida’s country blues vocals mix for the perfect blend of hauntingly beautiful and mud-caked and real.

By Nathan Leigh. AFROPUNK Contributor


Adia Victoria has 2 singles out now. The southern gothic epic ‘Sea of Sand’ runs through a travelogue of the south and mountain regions. “Here’s a song for Arizona / Damn desert nearly done me in / You can drown in the ocean / Or you can sink in a sea of sand.” It’s a song that sprawls out like a road trip down I-40.


‘Stuck In The South’ makes good on the loan doom metal took from the blues by borrowing it’s sludge rock core. If anything the two songs work as compliments to each other, one about being stuck in the South, the other stuck far away from home. The tension between the desire to see the world and the longing for home plays out across Adia Victoria’s 2 tracks. That’s a lot of depth for 8 minutes worth of music. Imagine what she can do with a full record. Aida and her backing band are currently on tour, and will be hitting up the Mercury Lounge on January 27th.