introducing: samm henshaw, the sound of young british talent

January 14, 2015

Samm Henshaw expects prosperous outcomes in the New Year. And well, why shouldn’t he? The young British talent with piping vocals recently signed a record deal with BMG Chrysalis and is set to release an EP in the coming months. Samm has a collection of quality songs on his Soundcloud along with an impressive set of Youtube videos. On Samm’s most infectious track, “Only Wanna Be With You,” the singer croons about a faithful love; the track is chock-full of monogamous overtones throughout. “We’ve been together for a minute, but I only wanna be with you.” The creamy and soulful manner in which he softly sings is sure to make you fall in love with the very notion of those four words. The track, slow-paced and inviting, the lyrics sincere and heartfelt, pulls you in from start to finish. I suspect Samm will do precisely that, pulling in scores of fans throughout the year, as he proves he’s an artist that’s here to stay. 

By Andrea Dwyer, AFROPUNK Contributor

Andrea Dwyer is a freelance writer based in Atlanta. She’s a writer at Superselected and you can follow her on Twitter @musingandrea.