feature: “the world does not aid africa – africa aids the world!”

January 27, 2015

To say “Africa aids the world” would be consider a very grandiose statement; but as UK and African researchers have now discovered, this statement is 100% the truth. This is Africa reports that new research shows how the African continent loses over six times the amount it receives in aid. Check out the video, below; plus, some excerpts from the article.

By Alexander Aplerku, AFROPUNK Contributor

Africa, the receiver of $30 billion in annual monetary handouts, is not only making nothing from the aid it receives but it actually loses $192 billion to the rest of the world within the same time frame.

The money that Africa loses each year is over one and half times the amount of additional money needed to deliver affordable health care to everyone in the whole world!

Despite decades of public fundraising and aid, the end to Africa’s poverty is nowhere in sight. This “aid” is actually a smokescreen used to hide from public view the fact the it is the donors themselves who are perpetuating this cycle of indigence.

The report highlights that Africa is essentially not poor. A combination of inequitable policies, massive disparities in power and criminal activities perpetrated and sustained by wealthy elites both inside and outside the continent are keeping its people in poverty. The UK and other wealthy governments are at the heart of this theft.