feature: dc comics & cw announce new tv series based on vixen, black female super-heroine of the justice league

January 14, 2015

With the current uprise in race relations taking place in America and around the world, positive and powerful images of minorities on television and in the media could certainly aide in the movement towards equality, and bring additional prominence to the overall picture. Coincidentally, one network has already been on the move. Announced at this past weekend’s Television Critics Association event, DC Comics and The CW are teaming up to bring a black superhero to the small screen. And what’s even more compelling than a black super hero? A black female one.

By Sabrina Renée, AFROPUNK Contributor

Meet Mari Jiwe McCab, otherwise known as Vixen. Hailing from the fictional African nation of Zambesi, Vixen uses her Tantu Totem to conjure up her fierce powers, with includes mimicking the abilities of any animal that has ever walked the face of the Earth, making her a pretty badass.

Originally created in 1981, Vixen has been a member of the Justice League, Suicide Squad, and Justice League International, amongst other crews. The show will be set in the same world as another CW show, “The Arrow,” and will share the same executive producer, Marc Guggenheim.

Vixen was most recently voiced by Gina Thomas when she appeared in the Justice League Unlimited animated series that aired on Adult Swim from 2004 – 2006. 

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