spotlight: beads byaree by areeayl goodwin

December 15, 2014

Once the end of the semester swings around I always tell myself, Oh, you have worked so hard on finals and everything… treat yourself… and I yes, I think I have done that… a bit treating more than my measly college bank account may have permitted, however, I always love coming across fabulous accessories and one more necklace couldn’t hurt, right? I am really in love with the imaginative and innovative jewelry pieces from Beads Byaree—a friend of mine shared her site with me a few weeks ago and all of the pieces are stunning. There is a delicacy to each piece, yet a seductive and edgy side.

By Aliyah Blackmore, AFROPUNK Contributor

Designer, Areeayl Goodwin’, the Philly born and raised, Howard University graduate, now resides in Brooklyn and has dedicated time to the passion of creating hand crafted pieces for her line. Each piece is truly fit for a QUEEN, whether a crown, earrings, necklaces, waist beads, body bracelets, and a selection of other items, there is definitely an adornment for every occasion. Areeayl creates pieces “in real life that have only been in her dreams”—and she allows her imaginations to spread like “wildfire.” She is continually making her dreams a reality while creating phenomenal pieces and Areeayl encourages her supporters and the world to do the same! Check out and support the “fun, whimsical, and imaginative” pieces from Bead Byaree!


Facebook: Beads Byaree

Instagram: beadsbyaree

Stay fly!

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