new music: rock out with the conscious sounds of interracial mannequin

December 19, 2014

Rapper Amenan Ball, bassist Jon Jernigan, and vocalist Michael Bevill have taken socially conscious lyrics and put them together with rock and other genres to form the awesomeness that is Interracial Mannequin.

By Latonya Pennington, AFROPUNK Contributor

I found out about Interracial Mannequin from Amenan Ball herself. We are both friends attending the same college and it was a very pleasant surprise to find out about the band. I was hooked on Interracial Mannequin after viewing their music videos. One video, “Spaceship Train” was released in December last year. The other video, “The Freakshow” was released last month. Of the two videos, “The Freakshow” is the one I like the most. I love the video’s concept of turning into a zombie freak after becoming addicted to technology. I also love the band’s Frankenstein inspired costumes, which add more meaning to the video’s concept. Favorite lyrics are “You’ll be so original/A virus going digital/A copy of a copy of a copy of the spectacle”. Interracial Mannequin’s debut album “Unpopular Demand” will be released January 2015.