free download: young mc omegv’s ambitious ‘accolade of the immaculate’ #soundcheck

December 4, 2014

With a unique taste in instrumentals, deft flow, and multi-level wordplay, the young OMEGV (pronounced OMEGA) shows a world of promise. Lining up collaborations from Flying Lotus and Mr. Carmack, OMEGV creates hazy rhymes over immaculate beats on Accolade of the Immaculate.

By Nathan Leigh, AFROPUNK Contributor

OMEGV shifts gears from a Kool AD-esque stoned haze to a rapid fire ascent on the turn of a single syllable on the title track. The Kaytranda-produced “AOTI” is a classic tale of striving, and sets the tone for the rest of the record. Chopped and screwed vocals over spacey synth beats with odes to OMEGV’s favorite plant and declarations of ambition. Unsurprisingly, the Flying Lotus-produced “Buddha” stands out. A Flying Lotus beat stands out in any pack. OMEGV knows when to let the beat speak for itself, but his left-field flow finds a perfect match with FlyLo’s self-deconstruction, inspiring OMEGV’s best lines. “Can’t get into politics / Cause corruption isn’t something that interests me.”

Running 18 tracks, Accolade of the Immaculate suffers from maybe too much of a good thing. But late album tracks like the clever “#RickRolled” and the sensitive “Apart” and “Thx” inject the record with some much needed sincerity. “#RickRolled” in particular finds an unexpected sweetness in an old meme (one which I admit still brings a smile to my face every damn time). All told, Accolade of the Immaculate showcases a young artist ready to take on the world. Closing with the club banger “Public Space Intruders” probably showcases least what makes OMEGV an artist worth paying attention to. But if it gets his smart-as-hell rhymes attention, who am I to complain?

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