free download: get the latest single “tonight tonight” from indie rockers yara #soundcheck

December 26, 2014

Yara grew out of singer-songwriter Jameilyara Moore’s solo acoustic music into a full-fledged indie rock force. Anchored by Jameilyara’s dynamic voice with the interplay of brothers Joseph and Daniel Quisol on guitars and backing vocals, along with Sharad Wertheimer, Evan Zemaitis, and Walker Smith, Yara makes jagged edged indie pop.

By Nathan Leigh, AFROPUNK Contributor

The track builds from a nylon string guitar into a full band, with Jameilyara’s slight rasp presiding over the whole thing. The band’s hooks are rock solid, with the backing vocals in a call in response, as Jameilyara spins out a tale of fatal attraction. It’s a story we’ve all experienced at one point in time, the person who’s clearly no good for us, but we can’t help but fall for them. “It’s such a pretty night / But this don’t feel right / What you’re doing with that girl tonight.”

The band is headed back into the same studio where they recorded “Tonight Tonight” in the new year to record some new material. In the meantime, enjoy this taste of what’s to come.