off color: issa rae

October 28, 2014

Check out this interview of producer/actress Issa Rae (Awkward Black Girl) for The New York Times ‘Off Colors’ series.
“Like many young artists who dream of making it big, Issa Rae was once a frustrated film student living in New York City when she took to Facebook and described herself as being both awkward and black. That combination, according to a friend of Ms. Rae’s, was “the two worst things anybody could be.” But it also proved to be the formula for her wildly successful Web video series “The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl” which chronicled the life of J, played by Ms. Rae, and her multi cultural cadre of friends, lovers and co workers.
It was Ms. Rae’s frustration with the lack of diversity and depth in characters of color in mainstream media that fueled her digital creations.”
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