feature: the new social justice superhero, helvetika bold

October 7, 2014

“She’s strong, she’s foxy, and she uses the power of words to combat the evil Dominant Narrative. And she rocks a hot afro.” Meet the new comic book character and social justice superhero, Helvetika Bold; from new comic book, ‘Helvetika’. The comic and its leading character was created by artist Gan Golan, in collaboration with The Opportunity Agenda.

By Alexander Aplerku, AFROPUNK Contributor

The Helvetika camp tells us, “Working with artist-activist Dragonfly, we have been able to bring Helvetika to life as a living, breathing maven of moxie. Helvetika made her live-action debut at Netroots this year in Detroit, and she’s set to make an appearance again Friday at this year’s New York Comic Con. Not only does she fictionally save the world, she leads with values and effective social justice communications messaging that actually demands action and change. The more support that Helvetika can gain, the more likely that her story can continue sooner rather than later, and the more damage she can do to The Status Quo!”

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