distant lover: ttyl [short film]

October 7, 2014

Check out short film ‘Distant Lover: TTYL’, directed by Quan Lateef.

“A timely and beautiful tale of love + happiness. An artistic Short Film that centers around two couples in long distance relationships as they interact during their last moments together for a while.

For today’s millennial generation it is important to have great careers and great relationships, which sometimes means needing to be in two different places at the same time. This short artistic glimpse into modern relationships introduces viewers to two happily committed couples that are reaching for their dreams while trying to hold on to each other. During a long weekend we see a wash of emotions from the two couples as they come to terms with the reality that they must separate once again. We witness uncertainty, joy, worry, reflection, abandon, and contentment play-out during their final moments together. Although they know their time is limited, they are haunted by the memories of each other.”