introducing: singer-songwriter daniel wilson and his multi-layered sound

September 2, 2014

Since the release of his “Young Rubbish” EP earlier in the year, Detroit native Daniel Wilson has become a “One to Watch” for many in the music industry; and now with latest release, “Killed Ya”, the attention seems set to continue.


One thing that stands out about this singer-songwriter – self-taught in music production and rooted musically in gosepl – is that his sound transcends genre. One description, taken from his Bandcamp page, describes his sound as, “deconstructing indie rock into simple, minimalist compositions that provide breathing room for his phenomenal voice to spread out and take charge”. This multilayering of sound is also highlighted by the UK’s Telegraph, “Wilson’s hushed falsetto is reminiscent of Prince and the more contemporary vocals of Dev Hynes (aka Blood Orange), his multi-layered sound varies from Arthur Russell-esque – notably the way strings are used on tentative ballad “Please Dream Again” – to the aggressive, stripped down electronic rock beats of early Bloc Party on “Bear”.” I’m very excited to hear what his next EP sounds like.

Check out the “Young Rubbish” EP below: