feature: tell us all about your nergasms!

September 22, 2014

Let’s start with an introduction. My name is Taneisha and I’m a gaming, sci-fi, and comic book geek as well as a music lover and bookworm. I’ve been this way since I was young, having gaming and comic books introduced to me by my older brother, whom was always playing a video game or had a comic lying around. In junior high, I was introduced to sci-fi after a friend recommended I read The Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card and I fell deeply with the genre. All of this was an alternate reality for me, because I wasn’t very good at making friends. I had friends at school, but many of them weren’t too keen on being friends with me outside of school. All of the games I played as well as the books and comics I read, I was always anxious to talk about it. Whenever something new was released (with it be a comic, book or game), I was the first to get excited and want to talk about its potential.
Although I didn’t have friends, I definitely had “nerdgasms”, i.e. any excitement that makes your nerdy/geeky senses tingle! I have found friends now who share my interests, but I know there is still a community who has nerdgasms’ much like myself. So I decided to make a Tumblr page that could reach out to all different people in nerd and/or geek culture that would have a place to express how excited they are for the book they just bought, or may want to express their feelings about a specific point in a series, or maybe express the excitement for a new game console coming out, or the pure excitement of an electronic device that they just happened to fix themselves. Maybe they figured out a new computer code that can make a character (in a game) dance around. I’m sure there are plenty of pre-teens, teens as well as young adults that went through what I went through when I was younger, so I made the nerdgasms’ Tumblr as an outlet to express the excitement (as well as disappointment) of whatever the audience is interested in [in] nerd and/or geek culture.

By Taneisha Jane, AFROPUNK Contributor

An example of our “nerdgasms” is a current discussion of the popular horror trilogy ‘The Strain’ by Guillermo Del Torro. A fan expresses their disappointment of how the series ended in the books. Many other fans had mixed reactions towards the end of the series and the fans expressed disappointment. Another fan expressed their confusion and disappointment of the popular game Tekken’s Mishima-Kazama family’s storyline.
So, if you’re into any type geek or nerd culture, feel free to come to my nerdgasms’ tumblr page and either submit your own nerdgasm, or join in on the conversations about the current nerdgasms’ that others have expressed their interest and excitement in.
Everyone doesn’t have to feel the way I did as a pre-teen and that’s the main reason I made the nerdgasms’ tumblr. Come join the fun in discussing our nerdy/geeky interests and make sure to submit your own discussion, opinions or nerdgasms’.

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