feature: ‘newlyweeds’ co-star trae harris set to star in new vampire film, octavia

September 23, 2014

‘Newlyweeds’ co-star Trae Harris is set to star as the title role in poet/filmmaker Dennis Leroy Kangalee’s (previously, Dennis Leroy Moore’s) latest project, “Octavia: Elegy for a Vampire (or Endless Shards of Jazz for a Brutal World).” The film will also star Militia Vox, and Brian Anthony Wilson.  
“Part poem, rock opera, and “Brechtian” play – this will not be your traditional horror/vampire genre-film but rather a complex portrait of a woman trying to come to terms with the perennial problems of racism, misogyny, and the startling lack of consciousness in the world. She wants to die due to the enduring legacy of colonization…and the fact that man never seems to change; he is permanently entrenched in his wretchedness. 
Throughout her journey, we glimpse various chapters of her life as a spiritual leader, punk rocker, and cleaning woman. Her protest punk band, The Savage Paws, are four black female punk rockers who put all their faith and passion into socially conscious music…only to become victims of the “real vampires” – the Entertainment industry! 
With elements of Gothic horror,  melodrama, and realism — this is a film that seeks to invigorate age old questions regarding identity, memory, and man’s future in a new and dynamic way.” 

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