feature: daily paper, spicy amsterdam-based fashion label

September 22, 2014

Daily Paper, the Amsterdam based menswear label with a recent release of a women’s collection, has the perfect pieces for any wardrobe. Their unique palette, whether a hat, pair of shorts, or tee, are filled with enticing prints, great for the fast approaching fall weather! There is always room to add a few statement pieces to your closet.

Words by Aliyah Blackmore, AFROPUNK Contributor *

Each Daily Paper item is made to illuminate the customers’ “passion for individuality and personal style.” The label is committed to authenticity and quality, inspired by the founder’s African heritage and the rich cultures of the continent. The brand combines the unique aesthetics of African cultures with contemporary designs possessing a “rugged” quality.

Follow Daily Paper as they continue to translate culture through their pieces!

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* Aliyah Blackmore on Tumblr: echoesofnoise