afropunk premiere: georgia anne muldrow goes hip-hop in “these worlds” video #soundcheck

August 25, 2014

It’s dangerous when an established artist tries on a new sound for size (history has thankfully forgotten Bowie’s polka phase). The incredibly talented singer Georgia Anne Muldrow tries rapping on her latest EP Ms. One, and the only thing surprising about it is that she’s never done this before. On her new single “These Worlds,” the newly minted MC seamlessly blends contradictions. Opening with an a capella sung chorus before kicking into the beat and verse, her flow has an easy chillness contrasting the social consciousness of the lyrics. The production by Kriswontwo is practically giddy with layers and textures, stopping just shy of overproduced and landing in the magic land of hyperdense beats. Vintage horns collide with ultramodern growling basslines.

Video Premiere:

There’s a vague positivity to “These Worlds” that contrasts the more aggressively pointed anti-capitalist and anti-racist critique of EP cuts like “Crossroads.” The hazy and exhileratingly disorienting beats make perfect sense as the work of an artist who came up in the house that Dilla built. Her music has always had a serious radical bent to it, but it seems like rap has allowed her to distill it into something truly powerful. This is the new Georgia Anne Muldrow. More please.
– By Nathan Leigh, AFROPUNK Contributor