new music: stream ’20th century fix (warm weather)’, the latest from electro-soul artist mirror signal #soundcheck

July 28, 2014

19-year-old singer/producer Steven Barker AKA Mirror Signal popped up on our radar back in January and we were all blown away by his deft use of ambiance and open space. He’s back with his latest track, ’20th Century Fix (Warm Weather)’.

Words by Nathan Leigh, AFROPUNK Contributor

Clicky percussion cuts against an old school lo fi breakbeat pushed way to the back. Mirror Signal loops and refracts his voice, like holding a mirror up to another. The production work is a collaboration between Barker and Shute Shinoda, and it carries his love of open space. The unconventional hook “Did they save the best for last? / Who knows / But maybe we’re the last of our kind,” drills itself in your head, but like…smoothly. That simile sort of fell apart at the end. It’s damn catchy, is what I mean.

So far Mirror Signal’s just been putting out single tracks as he makes them. Most recently, he’s been playing a spate of UK festival dates with a full backing band. Let’s hope for a full album and maybe some full band cuts in the near future.