new music: sinkane (ex-yeasayer) reveals 2 new tracks from his forthcoming solo record #soundcheck

July 23, 2014

For anyone familiar with Yeasayer’s retrofuture grooves, new music from former member Sinkane (aka Ahmed Gallab) is always cause for celebration. The new singles from his forthcoming record Mean Love give even more reason to be excited.

Words by Nathan Leigh, AFROPUNK Contributor

“How We Be” rides out a skippy synth that wouldn’t be out of place on a Minus the Bear record before launching into a tight bass groove. “Oooh we’ve got life right in the pocket / Don’t you know what I mean?” Yeah, that rhythm section is right in the pocket for damn sure. Oh and there’s a flute accent because obviously. “Hold Tight” has the same prominent bass slow groove thing down (and that’s not a bad thing). With a perfectly constructed wah accenting the riff and slinky backing vocals, this song might as well come with steam rising from the grates at 3 AM.
Mean Love drops September 2nd on DFA Records.