new music: greg grease mixes social commentary with killer production on ‘really tho’ #soundcheck

July 21, 2014

It’s not enough to just say “damn.” And leave it at that. That cuts against my journalistic integrity (as flimsy as that may be). But on first listen to this new single from Greg Grease, ‘Really Tho’, that’s all I’ve got. Damn.

Words by Nathan Leigh, AFROPUNK Contributor

The beat, courtesy of ZULUZULUU and Medium Zach (much more robust than Light Zach, let me tell you…), mixes the best parts of cloud rap and Native Tongues style jazzy beats for something equal parts mind expanding and body moving. Flutes, trumpet, electric piano, ultra-sub bass, and ambient synths, cut and skitter while Greg Grease drops some serious erudite rhymes. “I’m writing scripts on how I’m livin / Never switching how I’m feeling / Just cause dollars in it / My name is worth more than my pot to piss in.” For real, I can’t even count the number of MCs that would do well to take that line as a mantra.

“Really Tho” comes from Greg Grease’s forthcoming Born to Lurk, Forced to Work. If you’re lucky enough to be in Minneapolis, Grease will be performing at the First Avenue Club August 1st and at Movies in the Park with producer ZULUZULUU on August 11th.