new music: ‘burial ep’ from santigold producer yogi #soundcheck

July 9, 2014

The ascension of trap, EDM, and dubstep to the mainstream has been to the detriment of all three movements. Given the mainstream’s habit of homogenizing everything that passes through it, dubstep and trap have transformed from genres into cliches in just a few short years. Enters Yogi, the mastermind who produced Santigold’s “Kicking Down Doors” to take the sounds of trap, EDM, and dubstep and recombine them into something fresh and unique.

Words by Nathan Leigh, AFROPUNK Contributor

On his Burial EP, Yogi takes the sounds percolating in the mainstream and inject them with a manic punk energy. The two tracks, “Burial” and “Christian Bale” are heavy and dense, but still playful. Opening with a massive EDM intro, cut up by trap snares before slowing it all the way down for Pusah T’s verse. While the sounds are all pieces that exist in the homogenized mainstream, there’s a surprising depth to the production underneath. The same goes for “Christian Bale” which cuts between thousands of microsamples (bongo rolls! Xylophones! Death screams? Yes.) under vocals from Casey Veggies, Knytro, Sway, KSI, and Raptor. The EP is rounded out by instrumental mixes of “Burial” and “Christian Bale.”

You can pre-order the EP now and get a free download of “Burial.” The EP itself comes out July 15th.