feature: vibe out with uk artist rubee rayne

July 18, 2014

The “New Wave R&B” has taken over 2014. Some call it experimental, others say ambient. Slow, melodic vibes that you just kick back and ride the wave with (makes sense right?). Artists such as SZA, Jhene Aiko, and The Weeknd fall into this genre. Artists across the waters have also found their way down this rabbit hole. UK-based artists FKA Twigs and Rainy Milo brought their vibes to the dreamy style and now we can also include the sultry voice of Rubee Rayne.

Words by CookTP, AFROPUNK Contributor *

The 23 year-old artist has made a name for herself in her home of Sandhurst, Berkshire with her breathy vocals that take her listeners on a journey. We’re still learning and being introduced to her story, but her music speaks volumes. Speaking of breathy, Rubee released her single “Breathe” this past January. The slow, seductive track got the attention of music lovers across the blogosphere, where Rubee professes her love to a mystery someone. I tend to think it’s a woman by the lyrics “You say you love me, I know/ Your parents don’t even know/ I’m tryna play it so cool/ Don’t wanna cause a taboo”, but let’s not jump to conclusions, we have absolutely no confirmaton about that.

On her latest track “DSYLM (Don’t Say You Love Me)” however, Rubee is singing a completely different tone. Much more upbeat and with a Pop feel, but it doesn’t deteriorate from her chill vibes. No longer looking for love, Rubee sings, “don’t say you love me because I’m just a rolling stone”.

Her influences include Pharrell, Kid Cudi, and Kanye West and it definitely shows in the production of her tracks. We’re looking forward to hearing more from this artist. 2014 may just be Rubee Rayne’s year. Visit for more info.

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