feature: smooth and melodic songstress brenda nicole moorer blossoms with her ep ‘for lovers & believers’

July 25, 2014

Brenda Nicole Moorer captivated me with her melodic flow and whimsical vibrations. Her EP ‘For Lovers & Believers’ (released March 2014) showcases her natural talents; accompanied often by a live band, her vocals lead her listeners on a carefree yet insightful journey of emotions. Self taught pianist and guitarist, Moorer tells stories through her music. Complete with airy arias and refreshing jazz influences, she brings something new to the table with her artistry. Her single “Bloom” gave me butterflies.

Words by Billie Alexander, AFROPUNK Contributor *

The music video for her single “Bloom”, produced, directed and designed by the talented Nim Ben-Reuven, personified her encouraging lyrics perfectly. “I’d still keep on dreaming all these dreams, until they all come true, and I believe plant with seeds of hope then watch them bloom”. Her optimistic, positive and uplifting words of encouragement are refreshing. Creating a sub-genre that’s been labeled “sugar and soul” Moorer is creating her own lane for her soulful folk sound. Watch her music video for “Bloom” and check out her EP “For Lovers and Believers”.

Photo above by Karen Nickel

Photo above by Lauren Desberg

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