fashion: essence festival and international african arts festival highlights

July 11, 2014

This past weekend, so much black beauty has flooded my Instagram and Facebook feeds and I am just loving it! Although I wasn’t down in New Orleans living it up at the Essence Fest, I took part in my own little July 4th tradition and spent my Saturday and Sunday at the International African Arts Festival, held in Commodore Barry Park! Whether you were down in NOLA or right here in BK, it is such a great feeling to be surrounded by and indulge in the vibrant and positives vibes of black culture-whether that be music, art, fashion or food.

By Aliyah Blackmore, AFROPUNK Contributor *

Check out some of my favorite shots from the Essence Fest (courtesy Hannah Saleh of, and Fashion Bomb Daily)

And a few photos from my day at the African Street Festival, as well as photos from Mireille Liong of (Natural Hairstyles at the IAAF gallery) who took fantastic natural hair shots! And as a side note, on August 1st- join the natural hair community in celebration of 10 years of in an exhibition of the versatility and beauty of our hair.

Details below:

BAD Hair Uprooted
an exhibition celebrating Black Follicles
Date: August 1st * Time: 7:00 PM * Location:
Warehouse Studio & Gallery * 183 Loraine Street * Brooklyn, NY 11231

Enjoy the sunshine this weekendJ

Stay fly!

* Aliah Blackmore on Tumblr: echoesofnoise