afropunk after dark: the beautiful noise presents a sun ra tribute

July 29, 2014

Checkout this upcoming event with the legendary Sun Ra. Get your tickets HERE!!!

“Afrofuturism is a way of telling alternate stories of reality, through a black cultural lens” – Ytasha Womack (author of Afrofuturism)

This definition describes the way our hero of the day, Sun Ra, looked at our planet.
Born on Saturn, Sun Ra came to Earth, residing in Alabama, Chicago and Philadelphia, to save us all by giving us an “alternate destiny” through his music and philosophy.  The Arkestra, who continue to carry the torch today, are the warriors battling the mundane and static lifestyle so many of us are conditioned to follow.  Their freedom is synonymous to their process.
Ra set the foundation and precedent for all Afrofuturists everywhere.  He wasn’t the only pioneer, but to us he was the most free. 
We celebrate Sonny’s 100th Earth year, with a sonic improvisational tribute. This will be a unique experience in the moment.  
Re-contextualizing sounds from Mr Ra, you may or may not recognize, but the spirit and freedom in which those sounds carry will be our foundation for the evening.
So prepare to enter the unknown and let go.  Listen fearlessly and enjoy The Beautiful Noise.