poetry: yazmin monet watkins – “fire starter”+ “when she smiles”

June 12, 2014

Yazmin Monet Watkins is an internationally touring spoken word poet and actress based out of Los Angeles, CA. Check out her latest video “Fire Starter.


She has performed everywhere from the Bahamas to London to Paris to New York to California and several places in between. A few of her college shows include Harvard, UCLA, Howard, UC Santa Cruz and she has opened for the likes of Amiri Baraka, Sonia Sanchez and Les Nubians. She is the author of “Love Without Limits: The Bi-Laws of Love,” a collection of poems that emerges in the literary world under the self-coined – poetography genre- a piece of art that combines both poetry and photography. ‘Love Without Limits’ explores Watkins’ journey through love, sexuality, religion, heartache, and the eventual discovery of self-love. Her poetry explores the intersection of race, gender, sexuality, religion, sexual violence and identity. You may find more information about her at her website, or visit Amazon Kindle, Apple iBooks or Barnes & Noble Nook to purchase her e-book online. Watkins believes in the power of peace, love, laughter, freedom and empowering others through art.