new music: who says punk is dead? the objex’s ‘super charged little nova’ is a perfect punk rock explosion. #soundcheck

June 6, 2014

“If punk is dead, just call me a necrophile” is one of the best damn lyrics I’ve ever heard. On their ode to punk provocateur / total bastard GG Allin “GG (Get It Done),” The Objex makes a case for the continued vitality and necessity of no-frills punk rock. Their latest record, Super Charged Little Nova is a straight up declaration of punk pride.

By Nathan Leigh, AFROPUNK Contributor

The record opens with “Burn,” the kind of track that blurs the line between punk, metal, and garage like the second coming of Motörhead. Singer Felony Melony has energy and personality to burn, delivering each line like a middle finger. The band of Jim Nasty, Ch!li, and Ivan play like every note is life or death. But all that sound and fury wouldn’t mean anything if The Objex didn’t make a point of making their music fun. Not since Propagandhi has a band succeed so well at twisting their rage into acidic punchlines the way The Objex do on “Grrr.”

Sometimes, when I write a review all I want to say is “Yo guys, this is fucking amazing. Why aren’t you listening to it RIGHT NOW?” Because to say much more would be to deprive you of experiencing the dopeness firsthand. So, uh, this is fucking amazing. Why aren’t you listening to it right now? Next time someone tells you punk is dead, hand them a copy of Super Charged Little Nova and just walk away.

Photo above by Julie Bergonz