free download: get the new ‘dragonfly ep’ from singer-songwriter and tattoo artist purple ferdinand #soundcheck

June 27, 2014

The incredible thing about Purple Ferdinand’s music isn’t that it’s beautiful. Lots of people make beautiful music. It’s the way she crafts seemingly simple songs with oceans of hidden depth and soul on her recent Dragonfly EP.
The three song set rarely features more than Purple Ferdinand’s voice and ukulele, nor does it need to. From the first track “Birds,” the simplicity amplifies the hidden depth in Purple Ferdinand’s performance. Sure, this is probably music that will end up in a million coffee shops by the end of the year, but that will only serve to elevate the otherwise dismal quality of so many coffee shops’ playlists, while simultaneously redeeming the ukulele. There’s an honest ache behind the way she sings the final refrain of “so I sit in silence.”

Words by Nathan Leigh, AFROPUNK Contributor

“Speak” has an unexpected Medieval flare, coated in reverb, like a lute played in a Cathedral. “Wasn’t Taught To” wins the unofficial award for best couplet of the year with “piece together these parts / my mind and my heart.” Singer songwriter EPs have and will always be a repository for earnest songs about heartbreak and heartache. That’s pretty much what they’re there for. But rarely does one capture a feeling as raw, real, and unpretentious as Purple Ferdinand does on her Dragonfly EP.
The EP is currently available as a FREE download from Purple Ferdinand’s website. Get it while you can.