ap fashion: the art of head wrapping: 1953 collection by folasade adeoso

June 10, 2014

You are creating your own crown and embodying your inner queen when engaging in the art of head wrapping. I have fallen in love with the 1953 head wrap collection by Folasade Adeoso—the colors and fabric are crisp, vibrant and illuminate the “confidence, diversity and creativity of women.” There is something so regal in rocking this crown in your own way. Whether wearing jeans, a tee and converse, or a fabulous dress and heels, the head wrap can only positively accent your outfit!

By Aliyah Blackmore, AFROPUNK Contributor *

Folasade’s collection promotes the “individuality and beauty of all women.” 1953 is a celebration of vibrant and unique African culture and “represents the women that are pushing this diverse cultural vision forward.”

The collection is timeless and thoughtful—the pieces are handmade in Nigeria and “handpicked by” Ms. Adeoso from numerous local markets. There is definitely a pride in the products coming from Nigeria—a deeper connection to the country and to the multi faceted African culture as well. The beautiful Folasade was inspired by not only her culture, but also her family and an aspiration to fulfill her dreams of creating art and expanding herself as a brand. Following her fathers passing in January of 2012, she was adamant in achieving her dreams.

Folasade says: “In 2013, I traveled to Nigeria for the first time since I left for Canada with my parents at the age of two. During my trip to Nigeria, I discussed with my Aunt that my peers in America loved when I wore my headwraps and inquired on where and how they can get one of their own.  The very next day I found myself in the middle of a neigbourhood market in Lagos alongside my Aunt handpicking beautifully patterned headwraps to start off my new business ventures.
The brand name”1953” came to mind during the trip back to Nigeria. When I landed in Nigeria, family greeted me by saying, “Welcome to your Father’s land”.  1953 was the year that my Father was born, it became the year Nigeria became my Father’s land.  This is in honour of him, a piece of him that I can now pass on to my own family.”

I am truly inspired by the fervor within Folasade to create this line not only in her own artistic ventures but in transcending this art form of head wrapping in celebration of women of the world.
Check out the stunning 1953 |The Head Wrap Collection by Folasade Adeoso!

* Aliyah Blackmore on Tumblr: echoesofnoise