ap fashion: designer spotlight: de la sébure

June 27, 2014

Spice it up! This summer is all about patterns and vibrant, strong colors. Whether one patterned piece or a matching pant and shirt set, adding some funky, chic and unique patterns to your wardrobe is a must for the summer. There are certain clothing items that I have to convince myself are a necessity, but there was no doubt in my mind after my first glance at De La Sébure that one of their pieces would need to be in my possession. There is something so glorious, loving, comforting, beautifully shocking and strong about fabrics of the African Diaspora and the vision of De La Sébure reconstructs the vibrant fabrics of our rich culture creating jackets, pants, shorts, and shirts, all fabrics handcrafted in Burkina Faso. Meet designer Bernie Seb, his unique re-creation of fabrics is a result of “melting” the “warmness and colours of [his] African origins, [with] the modernism of [his] European living.”

Words by Aliyah Blackmore, AFROPUNK Contributor *

The collection, Spicy Banquet (available here) is daring—exposing his will to be confident within the realm of art and fashion, pushing the boundaries of and transcending both realms. Inspiration surrounds Seb, “from the kitchen to the piano, behind the lens or on the stage, arts and creativity have always” fueled Seb. Following a few years spent in the somewhat “conventional French Wall Street”, Seb answered the calling from his interest in fashion and decided to pursue work and passion.

“Drilling my inspiration from my Africa and mixing it with my european Journey is what led to De La Sébure. I believe colors can be bold, wax and bazin dapper. Hope you dare being you, hope you dare colors, hope you dare De La Sébure.”

I am excited to follow and witness the beautiful growth of De La Sébure and Bernie Seb.

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* Aliyah Blackmore on Tumblr: echoesofnoise