naz khalid – pi frequency

May 2, 2014

Check out this experimental afrofuturistic electro madness: ‘PI FREQUENCY’ by Naz Khalid.
Music available here. Written by Naz Khalid, produced by Dj Lou Bey.
Info: “The ‘Pi Frequency’ video has a foundation in Afro-Futurism. The three main characters crash land onto earth and sense the pain and confusion of the people on the planet. So they chose to heal the people of earth by liberating them of the ignorance of who they are so that they can transcend their current level of consciousness. This is accomplished through the rituals of dance, meditation/prayer, yoga, and chakra balancing.

The concept behind both the Pi Frequency video and song is the idea that we are all divine beings each of us individually and collectively. However we have forgotten our original selves. This video is serving as a reminder for us, to remember who we are so that we can remember our individual and collective power and get to the business of evolving to a higher state of consciousness for the betterment of ourselves and ultimately the entire human race.

It’s important to realize that we are connected to everything and must act accordingly if we expect to have balance of any kind. The warrior, goddess, and scribe represented in the video, can also be seen as external representations of the divine power inside of us. Once we realize this, we are able to rebel against things that tell us otherwise (including ourselves) and live to our full potential. Anu Jackson the “Neo”, in this case, was starting to awaken thus her subconscious mind created the scribe (unveiler of knowledge), the warrior (defender of sanity and your position on the path) and the goddess ( the higher divine self that dwells within that manifest itself and brings peace) to help her on her journey!”

Director: Jace aka Jeremy Wallace
Make-up Artist: LaQueisha Bell
Stylist: Uzuri Asad
Warrior queen: Naz khalid (Indie songwriter, vocalist, spoken word artist, and Emcee)
Goddess: Rheagan Gilmore ( Indie spoken word artist and yoga enthusiast)
Scribe: Will Watson the Artist ( Indie fine artist)
Neo: Tiarress Stokes ( Indie model and dancer)