free download: millsted is back with two new singles! #soundcheck

May 16, 2014

12 years in, and you’d think a band like Millsted would be out of ideas and out of passion. (Granted there was a bit of a hiatus in there.) That kind of fire can only burn so bright for so long. But the two singles released from their forthcoming LP Harlem show that time has only sharpened their fury and righteous noise.

By Nathan Leigh, AFROPUNK Contributor

Free Download:

“Benghazi” thankfully has nothing to do with America’s favorite non-scandal (unless that’s just another part of the conspiracy. Is Kelvin Uffré the one secretly providing the talking points? America deserves to know the answers!). It’s a slow burning hardcore jam with touches of psychedelia on the fringes, like a (slightly) more focused Black Eyes. “Coyote” on the other hand is a full on hardcore assault. A song about a turf war, the almost exuberant chants of “Coyote!” belie the execution at its heart. Saber-toothed riffs cut and burn while the band jumps and juts through an arrangement full of more left turns than otherwise.

Harlem comes out in July. If these first two tracks are any indication, it’ll be well worth the wait.
Photos by Dean “Chooch” Landry