feature: ‘occupying privilege’ book explores ways to kick privilege in the ass

May 6, 2014

Although we live in a society that’s considered “modern “and “advanced’, it is still heavily plagued by racism and intolerance. Issues such as white privilege and white supremacy are still very much present in the world we live in. Whether we are part of the population that has benefitted from white privilege or part of the population that has been afflicted by it, we must all act in ways that can change this deeply rooted preconception. Occupying Privilege is a profound book by author and educator, JLove Calderón that explores ways to do just that.

By Damola Durosomo, AFROPUNK Contributor

Occupying Privilege offers thought-provoking and stimulating pieces by some of the most influential and socially mindful writers, artists and educators of our day, who explore issues of white privilege and white supremacy and offer concrete ways to address them. Contributors include Sonia Sanchez, Talib Kweli, Rosa Clemente and many more who tell their stories through a range of poems, stories, essays, and letters. Their stories examine race relations, offering honest definitions of racism, prejudice and white supremacy while discussing the ways that white privilege and white supremacy impact us all.
Occupying Privilege does a spectacular job of addressing one of the most pressing racial issues that troubles America and many other places around the world. White privilege is something that every single person, black or white, has been affected by, whether we realize it or not. Something as little as not being able to buy “flesh colored” Band-Aids that actually match our flesh or something as substantial as having to fear being arrested or possibly killed for wearing a hoodie at night should not be issues that minorities are forced to face on a regular basis. We all deserve a fair chance at just being who we are without stereotypes and misinformed judgments determining what we can and cannot do. It’s absolutely necessary that we have meaningful discourse about such issues since they affect us all so greatly. Occupying Privilege presents this discourse in an effective and meaningful way. List of contributors: Sonia Sanchez, Tim Wise, Inga Muscio, Rosa Clemente, DJ Kuttin Kandi, Eddie Ellis, Margery Freeman, Jeff Chang, M1, Suheir Hammad, Jonny 5 (Flobots), Danny Hoch, Talib Kweli & his father Dr. Perry Greene, Dr. Pedro Noguera, April Silver, Dr. Marcella Runell Hall, Cameron Levin, Susan B. Goldberg, Dr. Jared Ball & his mother Arnette Ball, Baba Israel, Sofia Quintero, Esther Armah, Chelsea Gregory, Hector Calderon, and more.

Visit JLove Calderón’s website here to find out more about Occupying Privilege and check out some of her other work!