feature: black female filmmaker vibes with female hip-hop collective in london

May 2, 2014

My Name is Jaha Browne. I’m a British Filmmaker/Director. I work with the documentary form exploring the stories of people you may not come across in your day to day life. Giving people a platform for their voices and stories by entering their world. In 2013 I met Shay D, MC Angel, Sirena Reynolds and Emma Prior, who form the vibrant female rap group LC Collective. Their Iranian, English, Irish and Afro Caribbean heritages create a powerful energy of positive change, challenging the stereotypical representations of women in mainstream Hip-Hop. I saw these young women as Hip-Hop Innovators, and felt their voice and their movement needed to be captured on camera, allowing the viewer to get an insight into being a female rapper in the UK Hip-Hop Industry. I called on my filmmaker friend Tara Manandhar, to shoot the piece as I knew we could mash our styles and visions to make a colourful and energetic short documentary, the film UNFIY is now live on the BBC 3 FRESH online platform.
These ladies have been rapping their hearts out to audiences in the UK and have been recognised for their colourful stage presence and conscious lyricism. Their ethos is ‘Love & Growth through Hip Hop’ and they spread that message through their monthly Hip Hop Live Music event Lyrically Challenged in East London. The LC Collective featured on BBC Radio 1 Protest Music Documentary aired in October due to the revolutionary message in their music. The LC Collective were MTV Brand New Unsigned Nominees and created a positive response to the campaign Hype and also named Artist of the Month by London’s Monthly Event Paper Guestlist Network.
Shay D, MC Angel, Sirena Reynolds and Emma Prior with DJ Shorty (Itch Fm) released their mixtape ‘Trust Your Struggle’ with producers such as Nutty P and The Sea At The Beach contributing to the making.

By Jaha Browne, AFROPUNK Contributor *

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