ap fashion: spotlight – caven etomi’s kingdom tees

May 23, 2014

This summer I am completely here for the very flowy relaxed outfits—starting simple and building off of a fresh palette is the way to go. For some reason I just have a great feeling about this summer, and maybe that is because I just completed final exams and look forward to long days of soaking up sun, art, laying on the grass, listening to music, biking, exploring, eating, and being the free spirit that I am. Go out with a kick this summer! Pair a t-shirts and jean shorts or a patterned pant, but wear a t-shirt that makes a statement – not the same ‘ol thang.
A graphic tee either with a bangin’ pair of shoes, a stunning necklace or earrings – definitely what I am feeling. For the past weeks I’ve been on the hunt for some hot graphic tees. I finally got around to spring cleaning and realized that I’m slacking with the tees. I am satisfied with my maybe 20 Moshood shirts, a “Black is beautiful” tee from the Studio Museum of Harlem and some old ragged out tie-dye shirts, but I admit, it is time to step my t-shirt game up. I fell in love with the Caven Etomi tees—transferring very powerful images to a white or black tee, ready to be worn with basically anything. Check them out!

By Aliyah Blackmore. AFROPUNK Contributor *

Shopping the Tees:

African Hairstyles—the collection of tees exploring the intricacies of the craft of hairstyling within the African Diaspora. The hand drawn illustrations are inspired by the works of “prolific” Nigerian photographer, J.D. Okhai Ojeikere.

Caven Etomi—love the “Idia Butterflies” tee in particular, but generally within this series I am drawn to the layering of patterns and prints with the Idia (The First Queen Mother of Benin) ivory pendant mask in the background—love the translucent style of the tee and the vibrant colors.

Cities Collection—Simple black tee embellished with the capitals of African countries in a bold thick white font, along the bottom of the tee.

Nsibidi Series— series of tee shirts featuring “historical Nsibidi symbols”—loving the gold and white font options

Idia Collection—series of tees featuring the beautiful image of the Idia ancestral pendant mask, with an array of designs.

Caven Etomi’s webite: Instagram: @thykingdom

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